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James Aitcheson is a photographer  from the depths of northern New York.

Capturing light and moments, the precise image to tell the story of your brand - your product - your business - in a unique and fresh voice through photography. From fashion to commercial lifestyle advertising imagery, whether it is elegant or fun, cutting edge or conversational, targeted or experimental - that's what J.Aitcheson Photography is all about.

James Aitcheson, when not behind the camera, can often be found behind the mic of an amateur radio or camping in the High Peaks of the Adirondack park. When he isn't out communing with nature (and scouting out new locations for epic photo shoots in the process) he can be found at his home in New York with his family - his wife, two sons, a small pack of cats that own him, an African Grey bird that holds court in his in-home portrait studio, and a Great Dane dog that prefers to sleep (on his feet) under his desk.


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